Thursday, March 22, 2007

Law degree + Democrat = Unemployed

So let me make sure I got this straight. A bunch of US attorneys were fired because they weren't Bush supporters. Bush's cohorts are willing to talk about it, but only if they're not under oath and behind closed doors. Two weeks worth of emails which, presumably, indicate that Bush himself was involved in the firing decisions are being hidden from congress. But now subpoenas have been authorized by the senate so we can get to the bottom of this. Does that sound about right? Good.

Here's my question: how dumb is the Bush administration if they are sending two weeks worth of emails around discussing how they are going to fire a bunch of public servants over their political agenda?

We're seeing this more and more. Sensitive information which indicates that politically motivated measures have been taken by the Bush administration are documented word for word in email threads. It's 2007 and people still forget that every email they send is essentially part of a public record. It's amazing how tech-unsavvy this administration can be.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's really THAT bad to be gay?

Rev. Ted Haggard had a bit of an "oh, hamburgers" moment a couple months back (when this blog was merely a twinkle in my eye) and today we celebrate this religious freak's neurosis. Four priests, individuals well trained in God's hatred of homosexuals, have completed their analysis of Haggard's sexuality, and their conclusion: Haggad thinks that "he is completely heterosexual." Oh, ok. So this guy, completely heterosexual, just happened to take meth and sleep with his male prostitute a bunch of times? I don't buy it.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

That's not going to be good for business

This clip is fantastic. Amazingly, it was true in 1984, and it's still true today. What I'm wondering is why did it take so long for this to gain popularity on the internets?

Now to inject my opinion on the whole Mac vs. PC matter. Everyone thinks that this is a battle between Microsoft and Apple; but this is just not true. From a user experience standpoint, PC OEMs control what happens when a user first turns on his computer, not Microsoft. Microsoft's operating systems (Vista in particular) installed on a clean computer will boot to a welcoming, intuitive user interface that any literate individual would have no trouble using. It's Dell, HP, Lenovo, et al who load their machines up with the rubbish that delivers the user a barrage of popup messages and confusing dialogs from software applications no one wants. There's nothing Microsoft can do about poor business decisions that their OEMs make. So get off Bill's case. The real question is can Microsoft become its own OEM?

Because I Said So

I'm elated to see this movie get a bad review. Granted, I hate chick flicks as much as the next guy, but the trailer for this particular movie actually made me angry when Piper Perabo told Diane Keaton, "You're a helicopter mom; you're hovering." Come on. Seriously?


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